Heated Stone Massage

​A luxurious soothing heated stone massage. That uses basalt lava stone warmed, soothing oils and specialized techniques that bring you to a deep relaxed state. 

What is Massage

Massage therapy utilizes a " structured touch,"

Characterized by the use of various stokes such as

gliding, rubbing, kneading, or compression of various,

muscles, tendons, or ligaments, to achieve desired results.

Consider both and art and a science; massage is utilized

for simple relaxation as well as for therapeutic treatment for:

  • Stress reduction
  • Muscle tension and soreness
  • Existing injuries
  • Pain or restriction in joints
  • Effects of forced inactivity
  • Fluid retention

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Deep Tissue

This massage provides a stimulating and deep manipulation of muscle and limbs.  Also helps loosen muscle tissue, toxins from muscle and gets blood and oxygen circulating properly. 

Massage Therapy


​Partial Heated Stone Massage

Is a massage that combines regular massage with heated stone on the neck and the back to help smooth out tension the body.

Massage Bug


Sports Massage

Reduces muscle tension, improves flexibility and relieves pain.

Swedish Massage

Traditional soothing and relaxing massage that can be modified to the clients needs. Swedish is a feel good, invigorating, and relaxing massage.